When Flowers Aren’t Enough

Recently, a close friend of mine explained  how his adult daughter lived and worked in a different part of the country. She had graduated college, attended medical school, then completed her residency and was happily working at a hospital.  She had put off starting a family and getting married while she pursued her education.  Now, she was living alone and doing what she loved.

My friend’s daughter had been a volleyball player in college, and like many former athletes, she had suffered her share of injuries during her career.  In her late thirties, my friend’s daughter needed to have surgery on one of her knees.  Following her surgery, for a week plus  after, she would have difficulty moving around, including taking the stairs in her new townhome.  Unfortunately, my friend and his wife had their own health issues and were undergoing treatments for various things themselves, so they could not travel to assist their daughter. 

Many of us have been in this same situation where a friend, loved one or co-worker  experiences a health-related issue (whether surgery, illness, or difficult recovery) and we wantto do something to help – anything.  For many, the default thing to do  is  send flowers or a prepared meal, but what if we could do more?

Well, when flowers just don’t seem  sufficient to show you care, AideChoice  gives you the ability to send the “gift” of service from a home care aide!  AideChoice uses first generation technology to allow its customers to purchase hours of home care support from a qualified home health aide to be used by your loved one, colleague or friend.  Once purchased, the person you send the gift of service will receive an email allowing them to use the home care support hours  when they are ready.  You can purchase as little as 3 hours of aide services at at time.  

AideChoice is an innovative solution to being there for people when  they need it most Purchasing flowers for a sick friend or family member may have made sense 30 or 40 years ago, but technology now gives us the ability to do more, and we should take advantage of it.   

AideChoice uses proprietary technology and its network of screened and approved home care provider agencies to efficiently respond to the needs of its customers in real time, without the lengthy details experienced when trying to secure long-term care services.  More importantly, AideChoice relieves some of the anxiety when navigating the often-difficult healthcare delivery system.  

The day is quickly arriving when giving the gift of short-term home care support will be as common as summoning an Uber or ordering a meal using Door Dash.  The technology is there.  The need is there.  And now a company devoted to filling this niche market is here.  

The next time you, a loved one or a colleague gets sick, is recovering from illness or injury, or must undergo a surgical procedure, don’t just think about sending flowers.  Instead, give the gift of aide.