About AideChoice


Our mission is to fill the gap in the existing home care industry by providing a technology-enabled platform for our customers to access short term, non-medical escorts or home care aides for themselves or their loved ones when planning to undergo a medical procedure, or recovering from surgery, illness, or injury.

About Aide Choice

AideChoice was founded by experienced healthcare professionals and providers, and supported by technology thought leaders who identified that patients who require only short term home care support were finding it more difficult to schedule the healthcare they needed if they did not have a support person able to assist them following their procedure or during their recovery.

AideChoice re-envisions the home care industry of the future by using first generation technology designed to optimize the patient experience through the delivery of high quality, data driven home care services provided by our comprehensive network of experienced agency partners.

The home care industry is booming, but highly fragmented, lacking a dominant industry leader. There are three types of organizations operating in the home care space: franchises, independent, privately owned agencies and entities affiliated with larger health care systems or providers. None of these sectors devote muchattention to the growing number of patients who are otherwise healthy, but who require medical escorts or who go through temporary periods of time where the assistance of in-home support might be needed.

There are over 50 million outpatient procedures performed annually in America. As of 2022, the revenue of ambulatory health care services in the U.S. was estimated at over a trillion U.S. dollars, with revenue from outpatient care centers exceeding 160 billion.

Our company seeks to support this increasing demand for outpatient procedures by providing trained non-medical escorts to ensure the safe and efficient discharge of these patients or to assist with their short-term recovery needs. Services can be purchased with little advance notice, booked and confirmed online, and purchased for yourself or gifted to someone else.