AideChoice Fills Gap For Short Term Home Care Services

The long-term home care industry is booming.  Seniors, the fastest growing segment of the population, due in large measure because of baby boomers, is fueling this rise.   Life expectancy in the United States has risen into the 80s and the upper 80s for women. Every day, approximately 10,000 Americans reach age 65.   Home health aides typically assist seniors in need of long-term care with activities of daily living such as personal grooming, meal preparation, mobility assistance and other tasks so that they can remain living in their homes rather than moving into a nursing home or other facility.  

Overshadowed by this tsunami of growth in the long-term care industry is a much more subtle trend that is beginning to cause concern.   This ominous trend is also growing in scale and scope.  And, many healthcare providers are beginning to take notice. What is happening does not involve seniors.  Instead, it affects everyone, no matter what their age and it is caused not by the growth of any specific demographic group, but rather is a result of advances in medical therapies and our healthcare delivery system.  

Today, millions of outpatient surgeries and other medical procedures are conducted in what is known as ambulatory settings (e.g., doctor’s offices, surgery centers and specialty care facilities).  A significant number of these procedures require the use of anesthesia and/or sedation.  Examples of these procedures include GI procedures such as coloscopies and endoscopies, biopsies, orthopedic surgeries, urologic procedures, cataract surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and dental surgeries.   All of these procedures may necessitate the need for another person to assist the patient for some period of time following their therapy or treatment.  Unfortunately, the long-term care system is not set up to help if you fall into one of these categories and don’t have a family member or someone else to rely upon.  

AideChoice is built address the needs of patients who require short term home care and will  be a game changer.  The company could upend the way that people access and consume home care services by making them more accessible to a much broader segment of the population.  

Aidechoice is not a single home care agency, but instead is a Uber-like technology-based company who contracts with licensed home care agencies (currently only available in the Greater Philadelphia region)  to assist consumers who have a need for short-term home care services (3 hours or more for 30 days or less).  AideChoice’s first generation technology allows its customers to easily schedule a home care aide by using their computer, cellphone or tablet.  You can purchase service hours for yourself, loved one, family or co-worker within minutes.